Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tutorial - How to make a double zig zag friendship bracelet

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make a double zig zag or a diamond shaped friendship bracelet. 

You will need: 
- 3 strings in one color 
- 2 strings in second color 
Make your strings twice longer because we are going to fold them in half. 
- tape or a safety pin
You can start by either making a buckle or making a big knot on the top. If you’re making the knot leave some string on top to make braids with when you finish. 

Lay out your strings like in the picture: 
Y - Yellow 
O - Orange 
We are going to start by making a forward knot with the middle strings.
Divide your strings in half and put the left group of strings aside. 
You should now have 5 working strings.
Take the first string and make a forward knot.
Finish the row with that string by making three more knots.
We are going to make a couple more rows with this group of strings.
Make 5 rows of forward knots in total.
Now put the right group of strings aside and lay out the strings from the left group of strings.
Take the last string and make a row of backward knots.
Make 5 rows on this side too :)
Take the first string and make a row of forward knots.
Make 5 rows in total.
And now we are going to repeat on the other side. 
Make 5 rows of backward knots.
This is how the bracelet should look :)
Now repeat the whole process from the beginning. 
Start with the forward knot in the middle.
Repeat until long enough! 
This is how my finished bracelet looks! 

Happy tying! 

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